How does our new concept work?

In 2019, we are going to try something new: 

This year, you can rent one or more tables (about 1.60 m in length) with two chairs each, for just CHF 15.- per table. That way you'll be able to sell your children's clothing, toys, etc. in person. Potential buyers will be able to talk prices and so your chances of selling your items will be much higher than before. You get to keep all the profit.

Just use our contact form to reserve your table! After having received your request, we'll send you a confirmation e-Mail including the number of your  table and further details. 

As the number of tables is limited, we'll follow the principle of "first come first serve". So be quick and reserve your table now!

Good to know: 

  • The fee of CHF 15.- will be paid in cash when you're setting up your table.
  • There is also the possibility to rent a hat stand including 20 hangers  (CHF 5.-, while stocks last - just six available). You can, of course, also bring one yourself.  
  • For items of bigger size (like bikes, prams/pushchairs, small furniture for children, etc.), there will be additional space in the hall. Please fasten a tag to these items, where the number of your table is clearly visible.
  • Notice: We disclaim any liabilities. Sellers are responsible for their items.
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